Paradox and PHP 5.1.2

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Anyone having any success with the paradox extension?  'pear install  
paradox' doesn't work.  'pecl install paradox' seem to do something, but  
none of the px_??? wrapper functions are found.  I do have  
/usr/share/pear in my include_path.

John Navratil  

Re: Paradox and PHP 5.1.2

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 17:10:42 +0000, John Navratil wrote:
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I've never tried the Paradox extension specifically, but PECL extensions
need to be enabled in the php.ini on the web server, as they're
binary libraries rather than just PHP code like PEAR. Adding a line like:

Should get it going on most UNIX/Linux/*BSD platforms. On Windows, I
believe it'll be something like (Windows PHP users, please correct me if
I'm wrong):


After that, just restart your web server and you should have the Paradox
functions available. Check phpinfo() output to be sure.


Adam Harvey

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Re: Paradox and PHP 5.1.2

Just so!  Thank you!  I was fooled by the documentation which claimed  
there was no need to modify php.ini :(

-- John Navratil

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