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I have used FPDF for our documentation, and now they found that we
need bigger sizes - some new drawings are in - I guess - A2. And FPDF
can only handle max A3.

In the file fpdf.php line 119, I have updated this:

  //Page format
    'junior legal'=>array(576,360));

I want to share this, but also ask- is this right?

Accoding to:

1) American sizes are easy, the number about should be 72 dpi, so 8
inches = 8 * 72 = 576.
2) new A sizes are odd - they should be twice as big, but e.g the jump
from A2 to A1 increases by 1 mm (420 to twice that = 840 mm, but it is
841 mm?!?!).
Anyway, I calculated them as  = size / 25,4 * 72

Any comments anyone?


Re: Paper sizes in FPDF

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In fact, A sizes are easy:
- A0 has an area of exactly 1 square meter.
- The ratio width:height is sqrt(2):1, so if you cut a landscape A(x)
vertically in two, you get an A(x+1) with the same size ratio and half
its area. What you have found are rounding errors.

Best regards,
Willem Bogaerts

Application smith
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