Paloose (Cocoon without Java)

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This was original posted only on the Cocoon Users Group last year but  
Paloose is now reasonably
mature enough for exposure on this forum.

Paloose is a simplified (much simplified) version of Cocoon using PHP5.  
Cocoon is a means of building
Web Sites using a pipelined XML/XSLT/CSS approach based on sitemaps. I  
have used Cocoon for
many years but became frustrated that small ISPs did not support the  
Java/Tomcat necessary for Cocoon
other than as a very expensive "professional" addition. Almost ISPs  
will support PHP5 and so I decided
to write my version of a simple, cut-down Cocoon in PHP5. Paloose may  
also encourage others to start
using XML and XSL without having to use extra bits such as Tomcat,  
Jetty or a full Cocoon installation.

Paloose (check it out at /) supports the  
following Cocoon like functions:

    Simple XML file generator
    XML Template file generator
    Preliminary support for Tidy generator (eg Word documents)
    XSL transforms
    Logging Transformer
    Support for multi-language through i18n
    XML Write to external file (SourceWriting)
    Password Encoding Transformer
    Page-hit Transformer
    Picture Gallery Transformer
    HTML serializer
    XHTML serializer
    XML serializer
    Text serializer
    SendMail action
    Authentication actions (supporting login and restricted pages)
    Browser Selector
    Paloose Forms (based on JX forms)
    Flowscripts and continuations
    Entrty error checking
Associated Pipeline Parameters
Internal-only pipelines
Wildcard and regular expression pattern matchers
Sitemap Resources
Error handling
Simple Resource readers
Sitemap variables and pseudo-protocols
Request parameters

Hugh Field-Richards

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