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Been working on a CMS for a few months now and noticed that in phpMyAdmin
it shows that one table in the database (mysql) has bad overhead, so I keep
having to optimize the table.

What causes this to happen so I can get rid of the problem or is it normal?
all the table actually hold is text.

 this is the table structure:-

        txt_id mediumint(8) UNSIGNED NOT NULL auto_increment,
    txt_mod_id mediumint(8) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
    txt_fulltext text,
    PRIMARY KEY (txt_id)

any ideas?

Re: Overhead

Tree*Rat schreef:
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Yes: comp.databases.mysql

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Re: Overhead

Tree*Rat escribió:
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The table design itself doesn't say much. Just have a look at your code
and look for common errors: fetching unnecessary data, redundant
queries, filtering by non-indexed columns... Also, MySQL itself offers
several tools to optimize queries: slow queries log, explain plans...
But that's beyond the scope of this group ;-)

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Re: Overhead


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thanks, found some good articles that are interesting! goona take so
reading though! lol.

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