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    I'm working on a new site and i'd like to have a navigation menu on it.  
Ideally i'm thinking:

first item
second item

obviously with different names. I could use echo to output each line, but i  
would rather use one echo statement combined with a for loop to get each  
item as in:

for ($x = 1; $x <= 3; $x++) {
echo "<li><a href='filename.php'> Item $x</a></li>";

and get the items from another point in the file or another file. I am  
uncertain how to do this. Am i overthinking this?

Re: outputting a navigation menu

Dave wrote:
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Hi, Dave,


The first question I would have is - why do you want this?  Because it's  
neat, or because you need dynamic menus?

Normally I try to keep my menus fairly constant - people come to expect  
this.  What I do change is submenus, i.e.

   Menu Item 1
   Menu Item 2
     Menu Item 2.1
     Menu Item 2.2
     Menu Item 2.3
   Menu Item 3
   Menu Item 4

Etc.  Expand the menu as necessary to get the submenu items.  Everything  
goes in one menu file which is included in the rest.

If I do truly need dynamic menu items, I use a database such as MySQL to  
store the info about each item as well as the criteria for displaying  
it.  A little more complicated to program, but over all easier to make  
changes in the menu items.

Beyond that, I'm not sure what you're asking.

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