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My last question was about Sessions, and I'm still running into the
same issue, but with a different class now (basicly it says that the
class was not loaded), but I think I've narrowed it down to the way I'm
using Sessions.  My question now is about Output Buffers.  I basicly
made my own buffer and stored the information in a Session variable,
and I think that is causing my problem.
The reason I'm doing it this way, and not just a simple ob_start, etc,
is that I want to be able to control the output.  For instance, if I
find that I want to add a menu item, but I'm at the end of my script,
then I have a problem.  But the way I was working it was that I would
output everything at the end of the script.  Plus, this gives me the
advantage of being able to sort the menu the way I want, so I could
output the one at the bottom of my menu (on a vertical one) first, and
then one at the top if that's the way the script happened to run.
What would be the best way to do this?  Like I said, I was using a
Session variable, but I think that is causing a number of my problems.
Should I just go with a global variable?  It's possible I need to
rethink how I was working stuff, as currently it redirects to a
game.php which does the output.  I did this to help discourage hitting
back (as that would be extremely undesirable).  Is there a better way
to handle that as well?

Re: Output Buffer

paladin.rithe@gmail.com wrote:
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Rethink the way you're doing things.  What you're doing is making your  
code much more complicated and it will be a maintenance nightmare.

Look at how much time you've already spent trying to get it to work.  
And think about if you have this every time you need to make a change.

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Re: Output Buffer

paladin.rithe@gmail.com wrote:
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Maybe HTML / HTTP is not the best technology for your intents.

Can't you do your thing as a downloadable application instead?

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Re: Output Buffer

Pedro Graca wrote:
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Or Flash?

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