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I registered a website for a customer who later changed his mind, (*&^!).
Because it was for a charity I didn't mind putting my money/time into it.

But now I have the site for at least 5 years, and I don't really know what  
to do with it.

I would like to have a few RSS links to African charities/news, (as it was  
what the site was for really).
As well as do it all in php, (as it is one of my many, many skills).

I might even start a forum, (phpbb?), where people could voice their  
opinions on Africa in general.

But I know there are hundreds of similar sites around so maybe I should do  
something else with it.
I would like to keep the charity theme going if possible, I couldn't make  
money out of it, I would fell too guilty :).

Any suggestions of what to do that would include PHP?


Re: OT: What to do with an 'useless' website...

Would recommend pointing the domain at a parking service like sedo until  
you have decided. You might make a little revenue from it and at the end  
of the year why not donate the proceeds to Oxfam, The Red Cross or a  
charity of your choice? At least that way the domain is doing good  
whilst you work out your bigger plan.

phpBB is great but you really have to stay on top of the updates.  
vBulletin costs money but is widely recommended too.

Simon wrote:

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Re: What to do with an 'useless' website...

Simon wrote:
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Setup an e-commerce type site where African micro-businesses can advertise  
their products directly.   You will probably need to get in touch with some  
NGOs who assist in setting up these small businesses.

For example, I know an NGO in Nicaragua who market organically grown coffee  
beans for a whole bunch of subsistence coffee farmers.  This means you help  
fair trade and organic production.

Another idea could be to provide a space for African tourism operators  
(listings) as tourism generally assist in development.

Just my five cents worth.

- Nicolaas  

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