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I did a website for a friend's company where they wanted a 'downloads'
section similar to standard file sharing you see all over the place.
Everything works great except for video. I know there are codecs involved,
however, if i create a video (I've tried mpg, avi, wma so far) I can watch
it on my pc from disk just fine. Since my pc is also my test environment, I
try to open the same video from the test site and I get the standard 'Can't
do it...Close...Web Help' response. I would assume that I need to be
supplying codec info along with the video on the web side of things? I
assume this since I know I *have* the correct codec on my pc to begin with.

I know it's not a directly php related subject, but there is good traffic
here including the default response I know most will give...'This is a PHP
news group...go ask in x ng'.

All help is appreciated. Video over the web is completely new to me.


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No - you really don't want to start publishing codecs on your website.

Have a google for "progressive download" and read the articles to find
out why its the right way to do it (bandwidth, portability, security).
You'll need to speak nicely to someone with a FLASH developer license
to adapt the player for your site.


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Oscar Arreyano wrote:
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And just because this newsgroup has "good traffic" does NOT make it an
appropriate newsgroup for any old question.

Why do some people they think they can ask any old question anywhere
they want?  Do they think they're so important the rules don't apply to
them?  Can't they be bothered to take the time to find the right
newsgroup?  Or are they just stupid?

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: OT :: Video, How The Heck?!!!

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That's probably true.

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Most of the time, I believe they are the two former that apply. I am
important and haven't the time to be bothered with perceived 'rules' in a
media that is known as a place almost solely devoted to gathering by the
warmth of the flames its members generate. :^)

As for the first...I ask 'any old question' anywhere I think someone will be
able to intelligently answer it. As it is, I got a response that suffices -
no, it wasn't yours...I said 'intelligently' didn't I?

Jerry, if you would learn how to filter messages using your news reader,
you'd be less likely to blow a gasket. Hint, *most* ng users filter out any
subject starting with OT :: ... I was trying to help highly unstable people
like you by letting you know before-hand that what you were about to read
would cause you agonizing grief.

Se veo por otro lado!

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Although most video formats can be served without the use of any php,
there are other cases when writing most of the code in php helps a
lot. For example, I am now offering the choice of 4 video formats on
some pages. One selects the format desired by clicking on an image
map. A php form sends the choice to the server which then writes the
video code for just the video format selected and not the 3 formats
not used. This is downloaded to the browser and saves the download of
much code for other formats that is not needed for the choice of video
format made. See my page at http://www.cwdjr.net/video4/cancan.php .
If this high broadband page is too fast to start streaming soon, try
http://www.cwdjr.net/video4/cancanL.php for the low broadband version.
See the php text file at http://www.cwdjr.net/video4/cancan.txt .

If you are allowed only one video format, I would choose flv/swf
flash. If Adobe is to be believed, flash is installed on about 99% of
computers in developed nations in N America and Europe. Many major
news sites, YouTube, US government departments, etc now use only this
video format, and many of these sites have converted to flash from
Microsoft and Real formats. Since introduction of the flv(flash video)
a few versions back, flash is now capable of everything from very high
resolution movies to very low resolution ads. If you are interested in
only videos, a flash flv/swf encoder can be had for around US$50. Of
course the full official flash suite is quite expensive. The flash
encoder takes an input such as a high resolution mpg that is far too
large in size for the web. You can select many conditions for the
video and audio. Also you can build the player in many ways. The
program outputs both a .flv video file and .swf container file, both
of which must be uploaded into the same directory on the server. The
page code only calls for the .swf file. However the swf container file
internally signals the start of download of the .flv file to the
browser temporary cache and streaming starts very soon if the download
connection is fast enough.

There are many programs for encoding in Microsoft and Real formats,
and both companies still offer a free encoder for their formats. Also
many programs will encode QT mov videos. However to stream, QT movies
must be hinted, and this usually is not done on many QT encoders. The
most simple way to do is open a QT video in the pro pay version of the
QT player and then store it somewhere. The stored .mov video will be
hinted for progressive download streaming.

Video is one of the more complicated things you can do if you wish to
embed the video on an html page and have it work on most popular
browsers. If you are content to just bring up a full player, such as
the WMP, that may obscure much are all of the page, much more simple
code often will work.

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Great links. I actually converted the video to flv and embedded the JW flash
player. It works stellarly and can play a few other formats as well. For
now, that seems to be all that's needed.

I really appreciate the info you gave!

Thanks again.

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cwdjrxyz wrote:
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course the full official flash suite is quite expensive.

FFmpeg is free and can convert almost anything to almost anything. I use
it to encode video into .flv and .swf happily, never had a problem with
it. It is command line but if you want there are some GUI front ends for it.

If you're using linux it should be in your repos, if you're on windows
it may be a bit harder to get hold of as they don't do official binary
releases. If you can't find it then message me via
http://www.technicalbloke.com and I will e-mail you a build of it.



Re: OT :: Video, How The Heck?!!!

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I may do that, Roger. I really appreciate your helpfulness!

I'll check it out.

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