[OT] Subversion hook for Windows

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What's wrong with this pre-revprop-change hook?

::: pre-revprop-change.bat

@echo off

set SVN_BASE=C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin
set SVNLOOK=%SVN_BASE%\svnlook.exe

set REPOS=%1
set REV=%2
set USER=%3
set ACTION=%5

"%SVNLOOK%" propget "%REPOS%" svn:log --revision %REV%  >&2
exit 1

No matter how I call snvlook (I've tried all combinations) I always get the
same error message, it complains about missing property name or repository

- Isn't repository path optional in svnlook?
- pre-revprop-change hooks do not receive such parameter, do they?
- What sense does it make to propide a path when getting the commit log of
a revision?

Sorry for the offtopic, but I couldn't find a group for Subversion in my
news server.

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