OT? Split variable, then POST?

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I am using a simple HTML form to POST data to my credit-card provider.

However, my credit-card provider has a limit on incoming variables. No
variable can be greater than 256 bytes.

Since my form has a text-area box that may hold data that is greater
than 256 bytes, I must find a way to split these data into 256-byte
chunks before the "Submit" button is pressed.

Can this be done using PHP? Is there a way to accomplish this split
and still be able to use the simple HTML form-action tag for the
actual POSTing?

Thank you.

Re: OT? Split variable, then POST?

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Not sure what exactly you're trying to do, but... you can create an
intermediate php script to accept the post, do some processing, and then
make a request of its own.  Or it might be simpler to split the data in your
script, and write out a new form with hidden fields that submits itself
immediately, though if you're concerned about security or the client doesn't
necessarily have javascript then that's a really bad idea.

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