[OT] PHP Conference Argentina 2013

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Hi all!!

On 4 and 5 October will be held in the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina), th
e PHP Conference Argentina, local edition of the most popular PHP conferenc
e. This edition not only is for PHP programmers, but those in the web devel
opment world, as each session where the topic is a PHP-related technology w
ill be offered other web related programming.

There are internationally renowned speakers confirmed:

- Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of the first version of PHP)
- Alejandro Marcu (Software Engineer at Facebook.)
- Igor Sysoev (Creator and Lead Developer of NGINX)
- Derek Rethans (Internal PHP Expert, Author of Xdebug)
- Brian Doll (marketing Github)
- Daniel Rabinovich (CTO of MercadoLibre Argentina)
- Sebastian Bergman (Creator of PHPUnit)
- Benjamin Eberli (Doctrine ORM Project leader)
- Nate Abele (Lead Developer of CakePHP and Lithium creator)
- Jordi Boggiano (Symfony consultant)
- Mariano Iglesias (Workana CTO).

Speakers will also cover a variety of topics, including: elasticsearch, Gra
phite, Varnish, MongoDB, d3.js, Angular.js, Logstash, and more.

Full list: http://www.phpconference.com.ar/speakers/?lang=en
As you will see, these figures and will participate in the conference.

More information on the conference, including new releases, on its website:
 http://www.phpconference.com.ar or through its channel Twitter: @ phpconfe

Tickets at: http://www.phpconference.com.ar/buy-tickets/?lang=en


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