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Gentle People,

Short Question: Has anybody found  any difference with Javascript
dependancy on a Mozilla browser on a windoze desktop when compared to a
Mozilla browser on a Linux desktop?

Why? / Long question:
I develope using Dreamweaver MX on my WindozeXP laptop which I've
configured with Apache, MySQL and PHP and Mozilla.  My application, will
have a Linux Mozilla front-end dependancy, also relies on javascript.

My concern is that I might find that my javascript code, which works
fine on my Mozilla Win32 environment, might not be the case on a Linux
desktop.  I continually check the Mozilla Javascript console and all my
code, according to it, is error and warning free.

Since Mozilla Win32 and Linux come from the same egg my guess is I
should be fine - But I'm curious if others might have experienced

Note - I don't depend on Javascript to sanitize my data - I do that
server side so please... don't bend my ear's on that subject as I have
considered, and covered that in my planning.

Anyone care to comment on the Javascript/Mozila Linux/Windoze compatability?

thanks - please reply via the newsgroup so all can learn,

Re: OT: Mozilla on Linux & Windoze

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FWIW I've never been tripped up by differences between Mozilla Windows
and Mozilla on Linux. I've seen the same CSS bug in I think it was
1.7.3 on both Windows and Linux versions though.

You could try something like this http://www.colinux.org / and try
running Mozilla for Linux under Windows. :)


Re: OT: Mozilla on Linux & Windoze

Randell D. wrote:

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Since all the compiled versions come from the same codebase it seems
unlikely there should be any issues with the way they parse Javascript.

I've personally never found any problems between them (nor with Moz on
the Mac), but then most of the Javascript I do is fairly basic and
mainly to do with form pre processing or navigation. What sort of
Javascript are you planning on doing that you think may cause cross
platform problems?

Chris Hope - The Electric Toolbox - http://www.electrictoolbox.com /

Re: Mozilla on Linux & Windoze

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I use Javascript fairly heavily in my application and haven't notice
much--if any--difference between Linux and Windows behavior-wise. Or for
that Solaris and Mac OSX. DHTML animation and such are smoother on Windows
and font rendering is usally better, but that has more to do with the OS
graphical sub-system.

More problematic are the little differences between versions of the
Gecko-based browsers. Today I spent an hour fixing an issue that only
affects Netscape 7.0--not 6.2, not 7.1, not Firefox.

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