[OT-ish] FF: weird 'view source' problem, PHP session lost

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I have a page that 'demands' a session exists:
Something like:

if (isset($_SESSION['isAdmin']) && ($_SESSION['isAdmin'] == 'Y')){
  // OK, continue
} else {
  // No good. Redirect to loginpage
  header("Location: etc/etc/etc/example");

All very basic.

But if I try to view the source of my page in FF by pressing rightmouse  
button -> view source, I receive the source of the login page!

I get the impression 'view source' makes a fresh request to get the source  
but is not sending the PHPSESSID along with the request, thus delivering  
the HTML of the loginpage to where I redirect.

The box in question runs W2000 with FF2.

Did anybody in here experience this weird behaviour (PHP session lost when  
viewing source) with Firefox2 too?

By the way: The mainwindow just keeps functioning with the session  

Thanks for any insights.

Erwin Moller

Re: [OT-ish] FF: weird 'view source' problem, PHP session lost

 > I have a page that 'demands' a session exists:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Veiw source only shows the source of the page it retrieved it does not  
request the page again to get it. After header("Location:  
etc/etc/etc/example"); you should always use exit(); to stop a script  
continuing (although i doubt it is the cause of your problem).

Try posting more code as it will make it easier to see what might be  

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