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Re: OT - an SQL question

Steve wrote:
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Maybe because that's how you acted?

You had no arguments.  Rather, you kept trying to change the subject and  
claim I said things I never did.  Typical of your behavior when you  
don't have an argument.  As anyone who goes back and looks at the thread  
can see.

I finally cut it off because you couldn't support your argument.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: OT - an SQL question

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jerry, you've seen my posts. i was quite polite. before the final post, i  
didn't even levy anything remotely vulgar. and in the final post when i did,  
it was frustration that was not directed at you. go back at re-read that  

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jerry, in all of my at least 7 posts, there were multiple arguments made  
*and* supported. your argument was that you didn't like the way i formatted  
sql. your reasoning was because my way took up screen space. i made several  
counters to that which made sense to more than just me. but, THAT was where  
your support ended.

don't tell me i had NO arguments. especially when i clearly worked circles  
around your single argument. in the end, you opinion revolved around 'jerry  
likes it this way because jerry likes it this way'...and, i really don't  
care what jerry likes or dislikes.

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you chimed in with a subject change. i kept trying to get you to see the  
point was formatting sql, not HOW STEVE FORMATS SQL. you snipped out all of  
that and in its place, posted '<crap>'. great rebuttal. lol.

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yeah, you should only hope no one does. then you'll be defending your  
audacious attitude in more than JUST THIS THREAD today. roflmao!

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dude! were you on the SAME subject, you'd notice i was. however on YOUR  
subject - an irrelevant tangent, btw - there's no point in arguing that my  
opinion is better or worse than someone elses. get over it already!

screen-space?! really jerry? THAT is supporting an argument? i'm busting a  
gut...all over again!  

Re: OT - an SQL question

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and jerry, let me end with restating the following that you won't address.  
it's the false accusation that can be refuted WITH PROOF. but again, and  
that which lead me to state here that you do not care for proof, you just  
shut down when you can't back yourself up. here it is:


jerry stuckle:

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really? make a bet with you. go to the earliest thread that you can and
quote the insult i flung at you. i'll do the same. the one who has the
earliest date stamp wins, ok?

let's get started...

jerry: "Don't be an asshole again, Steve"
jerry: "Yep, programmers with any sense don't do it that way."
jerry: "I said the way you did it is stupid."
jerry: "But like anyone with no argument, you keep
        trying to put words into my mouth."

wow, i almost quoted the ENTIRE response dated: 2007-11-08 11:47 AM !!!

ok, now it's your turn. :)

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