OT: allcoolmusic.com = SPAM

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allcoolmusic.com is one of the biggest spam-disseminators in the world.  
Supposedly located in the British Virgin Islands and often employing one  
hypothetical "Jennifer Davis" as handle, it exists only to spread malware  
and spam-promoted adware to unsuspecting POP email users invariably  
receiving deceptive missives unsolicited.  The dubious technique of "opting  
out" merely suspends, not eliminates, the plague of their con and probably  
provides excellent fodder for unauthorized lists sold to others of like  
morality.  This gang of unethical profiteers also maintains additional  
domains in order to faciliate its dirty work, among which are:


...and probably others as well.  Needless to say, you should block these  
addresses or at least mark them as "spam" when receiving anything from  

Again supposedly, the "physical address" of this heinous company is:

PO Box 1569 GT
George Town
Grand Cayman B.W.I.
Virgin Islands, British

but note the PO Box!  I also take account of the title "iMP3Tunes" in my  
own filtering mechanisms.

Half lies are worth twice as much as whole lies.

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