OS PHP form processor, MMEX. (Mail Manage EX)

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I've downloaded dozens of form mailers and processors looking for a good
all-purpose PHP based script. Of all the ones I've tried (both commercial
and open source), this one called Mail Manage EX really stands out. It has
all the important features I'm looking for, but a few details don't seem to
work the way they should.

I'm wondering if this is the right place to find someone to look at the code
to see if it can be fixed? It appears that the original developer has
abandoned it. There used to be a forum at the project website (but with no
answers) and even that has recently been removed. Project url is

It's a really fine piece of work and has been updated as recently as July
2004, according to the change log. The code is well commented and there is a
nice readme file with instructions.

Everything works just as stated for me except a couple of things.

1. Field names used in the auto responder email don't work. The subject (of
the email) should be able to be able to be "Thank You $Name". Where "Name"
is the name of the form text box, instead, nothing appears for the variable.

2. The script can output html email using templates to format the mail,
using the format [fieldname]. When submitting a form with blank text boxes
or unselected checkboxes, you get things like [checkbox1], [checkbox2],
[occupation], instead of no output.

This script is really easy to setup and integrate into an existing design,
so it would be great if these two things could work. It has other great
features like writing form results to a file and keeping statistics on form

Just in case the website above goes away, I've placed the script files
(including a zip of the whole thing) at http://memphisguru.com/MMEX / if
anyone is interested in looking at it.

Damon Linkous

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