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quick search  of a field in m.manufacture_name . Will not list all

When searching in quick search Listing ends at page 2 no matter how
many  more products to be shown
-If i were to search say T shirt it lists well over 2 pages. This is
from products_name and in pd.products_description
- When i increase product search results on admin > config > max values
it lists more of the products. the problem is its too long of a page
and does not go to the next one.
when clicking manufacture box ( changed to license) and selecting
product it lists all the products perfectly.
when i go within categories (products) it shows all the products sorted
properly, and none are missing.

What file would this be in and what could this be? Any ideas? I have no
more hair to pull out thanks!

please email steven AT ciscokid.net


Re: os commerce search

Steven Kalcevich wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


Quoted text here. Click to load it

You may have better luck posting in an oscommerce support forum somewhere...

If you want to find the offending file, at the end of
application-bottom.php (or whatever the last one that is parsed is), add
something like:


Then you can at least see a list of all the files included. Compare that
to the output on a page that the display works on, and you be able to
quickly identify which file you need to look into (if the names of the
files themselves aren't help enough).


Justin Koivisto, ZCE - justin@koivi.com

Re: os commerce search

Thanks for the interesting command. I will look into that thanks again.

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