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i want to implememt private area(authorized users)in the internet main
page. Our Backend Database Server running Oracle 9i on AIX

I am looking for a solution to pull up live data form Backend Database
Server to the web server.

What would be best approach for connecting to the Oracle Database?
would php a good integration tools to retrieve data in flexible and
secure way?

I would appreciate any help in this case such as tips/links/docs
success story... etc.
what about MySQL do I need it to place in between php and oracle ?


Re: Oracle with PHP says...

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Google AdoDB for a common framework to connect to both Oracle and MyQSL  
using PHP.

Geoff M

Re: Oracle with PHP

madunix wrote:

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No you don't need MySQL - it's a DBMS - it does the same job as Oracle.

It would have been helpful to know what OS runs on your webserver. Really
you have two choices - either run a native Oracle interface in PHP or use
ODBC. The former may require a recompile of PHP. If you go down this route
you might want to use the dbx functionality to provide some level of DBMS
independence on top of the Oracle interface. AdoDb is written in PHP, while
dbx is implemented in C, linked to the PHP executable, giving a big
improvement in performance. The Oracle interface is more tightly integrated
into PHP allowing things like bound variables. It also allows persistent DB
connections - it's been a while since I played with Oracle and although
connection latency is better than it used to be, this might be a deciding




Re: Oracle with PHP

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 Compile PHP with the OCI8 extension to get Oracle support.

 Either use the OCI8 functions, or a wrapper library such as ADOdb.

 Oracle have started pushing PHP recently, there's some tips and howtos on
their site.

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 MySQL wouldn't come into the picture at all.

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Re: Oracle with PHP

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 22:44:15 -0700, madunix wrote:

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You can find several interesting articles on OTN:
Oracle also maintains Oracle & PHP discussion forum on:

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Definitely not. Why would you want to do that?


Re: Oracle with PHP

I have looked over the net and found many vendors presented different
web portal development such as IBM WebSpehere, Oracle AS, M$
SharePoint, Opensource PHP/MySQL and Zope.
In order to make a decision I am writing a comparative analyse of
these above technologies regarding certain characteristics (Features,
Infrastructure, Integration Support, Client UI, ease of use,
Personalization, Security, $$..etc

If its up to me, I made up my mind to go for Open source PHP with
Backend Oracle DB on Linux to serve Internet/Intranet/Extranet users

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