Oracle TAF and php

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Just wondering if anyone has got Transparent Application Failover to
work with PHP. I've compiled the php using --with-oci8-instant-client
and the TNS_NAMES environment variable is has been set to the path of
my tnsnames.ora. I've also installed sqlplus.

This works as I am able to connect using names given in the
tnsnames.ora file.

Using sqlplus I connect and do a
SELECT host_name from v$instance;
this returns

i then shutdown the database on node 1 from a remote host and execute
the query the result is now

I'm also able to shutdown the dbmid query and the correct result is

This is all handled by OCI8

When i try to replicate this in php I get an end of communication
channel which is correct really, but Oracle TAF should handle this for

Thanks in avance for your help,

As it does in SQL plus is this correct ?

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