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I have an html file and I want to include another file inside this.  I tried  
the SSI includes, but that didn't work.  I can do the same work using php  
quite easily.

What I want to include is a list of people and a list of tasks.  The  
overwhelming bulk of the file is fixed.  It is that text that in the file  
that I want to be captures by search engines.  That is why I want to go to  
static pages.

My first question is this:
If I code it as a php file with the all the important text as static and  
only those two lists as dynamic, will the seach engines work as well as if  
the lists were also static?

My second question is if I use an SSI include so that the whole list is in  
the included file, will the search engines pick up elements of that list?  
If so, that is the way I want to go because it will increase the number of  

The one thing I don't want to do is to actually write those lists statically  
into the page because any time the list changes I would have to rewrite all  
the pages.


Re: optimization

Sheldon Glickler wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This isn't really a PHP question - it's a search engine question.

But the result is the same.  The search engine doesn't see the SSI  
include or the PHP include - all it sees is the generated HTML - just  
like any browser.

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Re: optimization

The search engine will see the same as your users. There's no magic, it
has no way to know if you generate your page with PHP, SSI, or a CGI
script calling an ADA program with requests to a LISP rpc server ;-)

The only potential problem you may have is with URLs containing '?' and
'&' chars, but it doesn't seem to be your problem.

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