OpenVMS + PHP +XSL + DOM XML problem --> (cannot load/transform XML)

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I have a problem loading (transforming) XML file using DOM XML extension  
on OpenVMS (alpha).

I have installed libxml2, mysql, apache,... following steps described  
here ( /)

All I want to do is:
1. build an XML from MySQL DB  (functions like load, saveXML,  
appendChild, createElement are used)
2. Load an XSL file
3. transform XML with loaded XSL and show (echo) the result of the  

My problem is that none of xmldom functions (which work on PHP 5) are  
Why is that? Do I need some extension for domxml for OpenVMS?
Where can I find it?

In php.ini file I have already uncomment extension for XML & XSL -> but  
not for domxml (there is no such extension).

I would appreciate any help and suggestions.

Thanks, Damjan

I have tried samples listed below:

// Test 3
$dom = DOMDocument::loadXML("<test />");

// Test 2
$xmlparser = xml_parser_create();

// Test 1
  $xmlstr = "<root />";
  $dom = domxml_open_mem($xmlstr);

Re: OpenVMS + PHP +XSL + DOM XML problem --> (cannot load/transform XML)

Pivo Pijem wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The PHP in OpenVMS is based on version 4 not 5.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You may have more luck posting this question in comp.os.vms or at the
forums at /, at least with regard to any OpenVMS


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