OpenSSL error:1408F10B:SSL

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OpenSSL Error messages: error:1408F10B:SSL

SSL3_GET_RECORD wrong version

I version check (obviously). This is the only reference that sourceforge
gives on this, but even there they left it as a response to a post'er to
'try ...' with no follow up.

Normal secure comms works as normal (hows that for a poorly formed

Seems to have been a common error between openssl and php for quite some
time (early 2004). I can find loads of references to it in groups, but no
actual solutions.  But I (think I know) from those same searches that
version problem seemed to be more the version checking code rather
than the versions themselves. I have checked the relevant part in php
compared with the latest and it is up to date.

As both are well used I suspect it has become one of those
things that people somehow fix and then don't bother reporting back. But
also suggests that maybe they just switch it off and go plain text.

So, does anyone have the solution. In my case it is with SquirrelMail/php
and any other attempts to use ssl comms via php such as with xrms.

My setup.
PHP 4.3.10
openssl 0.9.7e
Suse 9.3

Also as above on

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