Opening Excel on client side

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i am starting PHP, and after 2 days of search, i am posting.

MY PURPOSE : opening a XLS files (in MS Excel) on the client side, the
user can update anything, then it will be automaticly saved on the
server again (when client use save button or close Excel).

MY TESTS : I had coded that (in php) :
echo "<FORM METHOD=post TARGET=_blank> ";
echo "<INPUT  TYPE='button' VALUE=Open the file'
echo "</FORM>";

Actualy that doesn't work, my button is here but do nothing when you
clic it.

function ouvrir($nomfic)
# test to check the call :
        echo "COUCOU";
#  $workbook = "docs/".$nomfic;
#  $sheet = "myshet";
#  $ex = new COM("Excel.sheet");
#  $wkb = $ex->application->Workbooks->Open($workbook) or Die ("File do
not open");
#  $ex->application->ActiveWorkbook->Close("False");
#  unset ($ex);

MY QUESTION : Anyone know how to do this (with code example plz) ?

PS : i am french so sorry for my bad english.

Re: Opening Excel on client side says...

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Impossible to be able to do if the client has even the smallest ideas  
about security of their own computer.  I will NEVER allow a web site to  
spawn an executable program on my client, let alone know to where on my  
file system I may choose to save it as a download.  

You are using the wrong application methodology, trying to hammer a nail  
with a screwdriver.  What you need to achieve this is MS Terminal Server  
or Citrix.

Geoff M

Re: Opening Excel on client side

it's an intranet (not internet) so security isn't my problem.
Plus i already hammered a nail with a screwdriver....several times,
it's painfull (specialy for my fingers) but can be done.. ;-))


Re: Opening Excel on client side

If you pass the browser an xls file, it will auto open most client's
excel (or an excel plugin) to read the doc..

Re: Opening Excel on client side

Yes it open my file, but user can't save it back directly on the server.

Re: Opening Excel on client side

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Djim wrote:

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Use a PUT-enabled webserver (webdav-like), and make sure that the client app
(i.e. excel) is able to save to http:// URLs.

At least, any KDE app can do it...

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Re: Opening Excel on client side

Djim wrote:
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PHP se lance chez le serveur. Lorsque l'utilisateur voit le bouton, PHP  
s'est évanoué.
Seulement un système au client, p.e. Javascript, peut se lancer par  
onClick - mais il n'aura pas accès aux fichiers sur le serveur.

Si l'utilisateur demande une nouvelle page ( par submit ou par un lien )  
le PHP de cette page pourra ouvrir et afficher un fichier. Mais ça ne  
permettra pas que l'utilisateur y puisse faire des changements au  
fichier. Le script peut l'envoyé comme download, puis l'utilisateur  
pourra lancer son propre Excel s'il y en a, mais il n'y aura aucun  
methode de rentre le fichier changé au serveur.

Je ne sais aucun moyen d'arriver à ce que vous voulez.


Désolé pour ma mauvaise français.

Re: Opening Excel on client side

For the level of integration you desire, you will probably need to use
an ActiveX control, that in turn hosts the Excel ActiveX control. With
a RAD tool like Borland Delphi or VB, you can do it fairly easily. Drag
an Excel control and a web access component, add a few lines of code,
then bingo!

Re: Opening Excel on client side

Ok thx all for the tips, and specialy Colin with nice french ;-))

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