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Hello!  Any feedback would rock!  You can download the complete Open
Source business plan at .

22surf Summary:

Digital rights management (DRM) is the holy grail of the internet.  It
is a multi-billion-dollar, ever-expanding market, and an apt solution
will be invaluable to the livelihood of content creators, programmers,
and media companies.  The 22surf business plan for generating revenue
with Open Source CMS and DRM has been Open Sourced in an effort to
foster discussion and inspire fellow artist-hackers to build
businesses.  Rather than proposing another CMS, 22surf seeks the best
route to syndicated commerce and DRM across existing CMS.
The internet favors the direct connection of the creator and consumer.
 In the emerging webscape defined by the Open Source CMS renaissance,
creators will be able to define the rights determining how their
content is used, and consumers will be able to support their favorite
artists and musicians without paying corporate taxes.

The business model of centralized conglomerates marketing the digital
rights of a handful of artists is outdated.  Both the artists and
end-consumers have become flustered.  A new model, consisting of a
distributed network of thousands of creators hosting their content on
Open Source CMS and syndicating it to trusted archives and
marketplaces, is emerging.  In order to build a trusted network of
marketplaces supporting common standards for syndicated commerce, the
business plan should be shared openly.  The transparency provided by
Open Source will foster the adoption of open standards for DRM and
syndicated commerce.

Oscommerce is fully capable of handling pay-per-download models
alongside physical media sales, bypassing the often greater than 50%
cut into an  artist's profits that older models centered about large,
proprietary online markets claimed.  Open Source CMS also allows the
creator to maximize their own brand rather than building's
or's.  Future 22surf models are explored,
including scenarios wherein open DRM protocols such as openipmp and
Media-S are married to Open Source CMS such as xoops, postnuke, tiki,
gallery, and oscommerce to provide content marketplaces connecting
creators directly to consumers.

22surf encourages artist-hackers to download the 22surf business plan
for building profitable archives and marketplaces with Open Source
CMS, change and build on it, and join in the following revenue
streams:  1) sell keyword advertising throughout free OSCMS hosting
services (blogs, galleries, etc.), 2) sell advanced hosting
options/extra disk space, 3) charge 5% on content marketplace
transactions, 4) charge 5% on Open Source Arts freelance services
marketplace transactions, 5) manage/host media assets of large
businesses (record labels/movie studios/etc.) with openipmp or Media-S
for DRM 6) sell printing services (or partner with businesses) for
hard-copy books, prints, CDs, DVDs, etc.  7) create a syndicable
friendster/FOAF (friend-of-a-friend) network.

All of the above revenue streams may be realized with a small team
surfing along with Moore's Law, Metcalfe's Law, and Copyright Law, and
delivering maximum value by leveraging Open Source CMS such as
vvgallery, oscommerce, cafelog, postnuke, and gallery.  With common
standards for syndication based on RSS/RDF suggested at,
bands, writers, photographers, and friends will be able to enjoy
syndication across multiple archives and marketplaces.  Working
together, trusted marketplaces utilizing open standards for
syndication will prosper.

22surf proposes that DRM standards will be architected by
artist-hackers utilizing an Open Source philosophy based on creators'
rights, such as that promoted by Authena.  Major corporations have
been unsuccessful in implementing popular DRM standards, largely
because such standards tend to enrich the major corporations at the
creators' and consumers' expense.

Security standards will only emerge if artist-hackers trust them.
While Moore's Law and Metcalfe's Law make processing power and
software free and abundant commodities, talent and trust will never be
commoditized.  Over time, marketplaces that are best able to establish
trust will prevail and snowball. These will become tomorrow's media
companies, and first movers in "trust" will have a lot to gain.  Like
the mathematical algorithms they are based on, DRM standards must be
transparent and free.

Up until now the corporate conglomerates have viewed the majority of
artists as commodities—the corporate marketing muscle often determined
the success of the author or artist more than the creator's inherent
talent.  This led to a bloated, centralized industry with thousands of
agents, marketers, and middlemen that cut into the artist's profits,
while often replacing quality with hype.  But technology is reversing
the commoditization.  Online record company startups and
print-on-demand services will become a dime a dozen, while an artist's
talents remain unique.  22surf encourages artists and authors to sell
in traditional markets including and,
but also to always use Open Source CMS such as oscommerce to sell
their creations directly to their fans, simultaneously undercutting
the traditional marketplaces' prices, building their own brand, and
retaining a greater profit for themselves. Thus fans can enjoy
supporting their favorite artists, and artists can receive greater
revenue, which they can invest in better equipment, recording a new
CD, or a video camera.  As the Open Source CMS  renaissance
progresses, fans will be afforded more and better music, movies, and
books at lower prices, and creators will make more money.

Surf's up!

Download complete Open Source business plan at

Re: Open Source Business Plan For Open Source DRM & CMS: for free!!

On 16 Jul 2004 21:38:12 -0700, (22surf) wrote:

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    Yeh, right.

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    It's a freaking joke invented by Hollywood Pigopolists to
protect their Malibu Mansions.

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    Bullshit on the first two, 'you're right' on the last.

    As always, Creators will get shit-all, pennies if anything,
and the Moguls will get fat off the rest.

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    I didn't know tax evasion was part of DRM.

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    Ah, yes, the 'open source business model'.  Which means 'Get
paid nothing for your programming, and find some other way to make a
living and pay your bills.  Sell advertising, sell printing, whatever.
Great plan.

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    Solid business proposal there, for sure !!!!  Not.

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Re: Open Source Business Plan For Open Source DRM & CMS: free!! wrote:
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I can't believe you even bothered to read that clap trap..

Re: Open Source Business Plan For Open Source DRM & CMS: for free!!

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback.  I think a lot of the ideas at
could work on many levels for artists and hackers alike.

Basically it would be cool to see programmers, artists, and creators
(the fountainheads of so much that is useful & beuatiful) be better
compensated for all their hard work.

The Open Source CMS Renaissance can foster this.



Re: Open Source Business Plan For Open Source DRM & CMS: for free!!

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and requires register global variables to be turned on and doesn't support
multi-level administrator security, which imho renders it totally useless
without some deft hacking.

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