open_basedir problem

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Okay, I've tried a bunch of things on this one and can't figure it

The line in my phpinfo:
open_basedir    /var/www/vhosts/
tmp    no value

Why would I get a "Warning: move_uploaded_file(): open_basedir
restriction in effect." error message if I've used SSH to set the
Master open_basedir value to "no value" (as evidenced by phpinfo)?
I've tried using an .htaccess file to do a php_admin_value
open_basedir "" to set the Local value as well but that always yields
an Internal Server Error (probably my lack of knowledge on .htaccess)
and I believe the Master value should override that anyway.

I've also tried setting the Master value to be all inclusive (i.e. "/
var") and still get the same open_basedir restriction error. Any help
would be greatly appreciated as I'm at wits end.

I'm running I'm running PHP Version 4.3.9 if that makes a difference.

Re: open_basedir problem

rdlowrey wrote:
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It should be


And where did the "no value" come from?  If that's in the line, then PHP
may be taking the last directory as "/tmp  no value".

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How did you change it with SSH?  And after changing it, did you
stop/restart Apache?

And open_basedir cannot be set in .htaccess.  This is a security
precaution to prevent users on shared hosting from changing it and
accessing things they shouldn't.

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You also need /tmp/ in your list to be able to access the /tmp/ directory.

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Re: open_basedir problem

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Foiled by text formatting. Let me clarify ... the master value in my
phpinfo is empty so that when i call phpinfo() in a browser it just
shows "no value" in the master column. I've also tried and currently
have the master value for open_basedir as:


I've got files in subdomain A (/var/www/vhosts/

And I need to access these with a file_exists() from pages in
subdomain B (/var/www/vhosts/

SO ... /var/www/vhosts/ should allow me to access
file_exists() calls between the two subdomains, right?

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I changed the open_basedir value in my php.ini file from the shell:
vi /etc/php.ini
Yes, I restarted apache.

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