OOP mysql result strange behavior

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Anyone ever experienced this problem.

When i pass a mysql result to the constructor of a class and use that
resultset inside that class the original resultset outside the class gets
affected too. That is not right i think because my result inside my class is
private. Is this a bug? Can someone look at my code below please:



class test {

 private $_result;
 private $_record;

 public function __construct($result) {

  $this->_result = $result;


 public function show() {

  while($this->_record = mysql_fetch_array($this->_result)) {

   echo $this->_record['name'].'<br />';




# usage

$SQL = "SELECT * FROM test_table";

$RESULT = mysql_query($SQL,$conn);

$t = new test($RESULT);


// mysql_data_seek($RESULT,0);

// this prints out nothing unless i call mysql_data_seek($RESULT,0) before
this whileloop so that means that the pointer of the recordset had moved to
the end because of the while loop in the class itself...that is strange!
while($RECORD = mysql_fetch_array($RESULT)) {

 echo $RECORD['name'].'<br />';



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