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OMG! What is going on here! Every group i visit, all i get to see is
SPAM!!! Is it too hard to find a discussion group where one can
connect with like minded individuals and learn a thing or two.

Sphinx Khan

Re: Only SPAM!!!

On Mon, 31 Jan 2011 07:51:28 -0800, Sphinx Khan wrote:

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Get yourself a decent news server. I see very little spam because my
service provider filters it out.

Re: Only SPAM!!!

Derek Turner wrote:

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Heh, I didn't see the post by "Sphinx Khan" until you replied to it,
then had to look. Seems he is posting from the source of the spam
problem, eh?

"Tech Looser" indeed!  Different than "Tech Tighter!"    ;-)

Sphinx, see: /

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Re: Only SPAM!!!

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This NG is better than most. I don't use a filter so I see only about =
spam here. The comp.lang.javascript seems to be hardest hit, with =
90% spam, and it's mostly multiple posts from several users who offer =
sorts of drugs. Maybe they think JS users need them?

It seems that the spammers hit the groups with highest activity as =
by Google. The JS NG may be shooting themselves in the foot by their=20
automatic daily FAQ posts. And then the spammers' own activity boost the =

metric over the top, so it's very attractive to these pitiful losers. =
they ever actually rewarded for their efforts with actual "sales" of =

Without a filter, I just play Pacman with the offending posts. Select a=20
bunch at a time and then hit the DEL key, and bang-bang-bang they all =
shot into the bit bucket. I just wish the confirmation asking if I want =
delete them permanently would actually flash back through cyberspace to =
culprits and physically remove *them*!

The Google news interface is especially bad because it shows most of the =

message and not just the subject and sender as decent newsreaders (even =
broken Windows Live Mail 2011 which I use). Many of the spam posts are=20
intentionally made very long, often with a lot of whitespace, so they =
up many pages in Google Groups. I have found to be very =

good, and I paid just a $4 setup fee to have a virtually unlimited =
And xnews  is a decent free newsreader.


Re: Only SPAM!!!

El 31/01/2011 16:51, Sphinx Khan escribió/wrote:
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Spam in Usenet is pretty similar to spam in e-mail: you can no longer
expect it not to be sent. Instead, you have to find tools to get it
filtered out.

Unlike e-mail, Google does not provide any antispam tool for its Usenet
service. Actually, Google Groups is often considered the main spam
distribution point. So my advise is to drop both their news feed and
their web client and switch to better alternatives.

I use Mozilla Thunderbird but you can Google for "Usenet reader" and
you'll find many suggestions.

As for the service, you can get a free account at providers like
< .

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Re: Only SPAM!!!

.oO(Sphinx Khan)

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Just use a better newsserver. If it doesn't have to be completely free,
I would recommend < . For only 10 EUR/year you'll
get access to a reliable and properly maintained server with almost all
important group hierachies (no binaries) and long expiration times.


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