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Does any one of you know about some kind of PHP IDE (or at least an
editor with syntax highlighting) that works online? It would be
absolutely great if there was something like Google Docs, but for
programmers with at least some features normal IDEs provide (support
for JS and HTML would be great too).

Reason for such need (at least in my case) is I change computers
often. I have all my stuff on USB stick, but each time I go somewhere
I have to install php, apache, some editor etc. Would be great If I
had these online.

It could also be a set of tools for downloading and installing on some
online webserver, I just want to not have to install anything locally
and to be able to use these tools directly in the browser.

I use Google Docs now for some work on, for example, computers on my
university, but lack of support for syntax highlighting, class/
function/variable listing or some kind of completion make it rather
poor development tools.

So far I have managed to find this:
but the online demo (
demo) doesn't even work properly for me.

Thank you for your time and help.

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You can look at some of the CMS's out there, although they may be  
overkill.  Another option would be something like TinyMCE, which is a  
javascript based editor which does a fair job.

But I don't know of any full fledged PHP IDEs you can run from a website.

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Re: online editor? wrote:
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So install them all on the stick and run them from there!  

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I was thinking exactly the same thing ;)

Jussi Jumppanen
Author: Zeus for Windows IDE

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On Mon, 17 Dec 2007 12:02:15 -0800 (PST), in comp.lang.php

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You don't need them on-line.
Check out:
This will allow you to install Apache, php, mySQL and a few other apps
and run them all from the USB drive. Obviously you'll need a large
capacity USB stick (4-6gb). I recommend getting a USB drive, I
currently use an 80gb drive for this purpose.

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Re: online editor? has its own php syntax highlighting if your interested

Re: online editor?

Thanks for all the replies!

@Jerry Stuckle
TinyMCE seems nice, I even found a PHP Plug in, but its still not what
Im looking for. Which is, an editor highlighting syntax while I type
stuff, indentation support etc. just like editors used normally. is also not a good choice for me, its not even a code
editor ;)

@Paul Lautman, Jeff North
Unfortunately, running stuff from USB fails as well, because my own
machine runs Linux and most other computers I use run Windows.
There could be an option to buy a 6gb USB stick (havent seen anything
this big yet, but Its only a matter of time) and install a complete
operating system on it (for example Damn Small Linux, but it would
most probably be Xubuntu which I have now). Then boot this system on
any computer I can (which excludes uni comps). But this will not
happen anywhere in the near future, mostly due to small funds I have.

Pretty much I can safely conclude, after my own research and your
help, that what Im looking for simply does not exist.
So... why not fill the gap? I know Java, I think it might be possible
to write such a tool in this language (as an embedded applet). Plus I
will have loads of time with the beginning of new year, so I will try
and see what I can come up with :)

Once again, thank you for your help and time.

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On 18 Dec, 14:33, wrote:
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Err, the link hat Jeff pointed you to runs under windows, so what's
the problem?

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Exactly that, it is Windows-only. I need something working regardless
of the machine I use, and its location. I could perhaps setup binaries
for win and lin with shared folder for webdevel stuff, but that doesnt
sound good altogether...
I will treat that as a good programming exercise/training, it seems
like too many problems to make it just in javascript+html/css so I
guess I will have to go with Java applet.
That is, I will try to make it even if I do it purely for my own use.


Re: online editor?

Should you try FAR+colorer ?

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It's a syntax editor for the web; you could hook it into a web-based  
file management system of some kind and you're set.

I started one a while ago that's a little slower but much cleaner code  
(read the post for compatability notes)  Never got around to finishing  
it, but you're welcome to pick up where I left off if you're into  

And a demo:

There used to be software called About:Edit that was exactly what you  
need (online IDE with file management) but their website  
( ) seems to have disappeared.


Re: online editor? schrieb:

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Why don't you upload the files you're working on on a webserver and then  
edit them with an offline-editor via FTP?

Other possibility: Many webhosters habe vim installed, so you could use  
it via SSH.

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Thomas Subbelrath wrote:
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Install your Linux O/S on a USB pen drive. There are lots of How To's
here: . Then you don't even have to re-install
 PHP, Apache, etc., you just boot from the pen drive. You can back your
"computer" up by just copying the contents of the pen drive each night.
But the suggestion of using SSH to a webhost might be easier or less
incovenient depending on why you're actually doing this.



Re: online editor?

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Can`t you install Apache & php & mysql on the usb drive, with binaries
combined for windows & linux? i do belive that you can make a easy
switch between the serv types by using 2 config files. So you will
have the same data in your database in both linux and windows..

As for the editor... try something like vim/mc/etc that have both
support for linux and windows(check out

Re: online editor?

_q_u_a_m_i_s's wrote:

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Ooops. You know it didn't occur to me that he *wasn't* using Linux! Oh
dear, I'm an O/S snob - when did that happen? :(

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