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I have a web page/script that displays image files residing on disk.  I  
do not know what size they are (in pixels), so I want to be able to  
resize an image if it is bigger than the limit I allow (say, 900 pixels  

I want to create the resized image in memory and serve it directly,  
without saving the resized image to disk (they are only temporary, and  
I'd rather not worry about cleanup).  I know how to use some of the GD  
library and I also know how to use ImageMagick.  I would prefer to use  
ImageMagick, as it has a good quality Unsharp mask (usually needed after  
a resize/resample of an image), but I don't know if it is capable of  
doing this (creating the image in memory so I can serve it directly  
without saving it to disk first).

Using the GD library, I need only use a header to set the MIME type and  
then imagejpeg to serve the resized image directly from memory.

Does anyone happen to know if I can I accomplish the same thing with  

Also, ... does anyone know of any good tutorials or scripts for  
on-the-fly image editing (ImageMagick or GD lib)?  (This is a pretty  
good one: <http://codewalkers.com/tutorials/42/1.html Any others?  Any  
that use ImageMagick?)

 Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO
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Re: "On the fly" images

Anderson contained the following:

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If you are going to use the image again, or someone else  might, it is
better to save it. There are various custom unsharp mask functions
available for the GD functions if you don't have Imagemagick available
but tend to be a bit slow.

Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
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Re: "On the fly" images

Geoff Berrow wrote:
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There is a cgi script called gd-imager that allows you to resize your  
images by passing the height and width on the url. You can find the  
program here


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