On-line drawing tool for phpBB system ?

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I am looking for a solution to add on-line drawing tool  
to a phpBB discussion board.  

The idea would be that the users can draw their own  
simple drawings with the tool and attach them easily  
as images in the discussion. The idea is to easily  
add small drawings to the postings.  

The drawign tool should be easy to use and learn.  
It should be easily integrate to the phpBB system.  
It should work in the users web browser without  
needing lots of fancy plug-ins and such...  
Should work with as many browsers as possible  
(preferably at least IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera,  
operating system independent, so that Windows and Linux  
users can use it).  
The image drawn with the tool should be visible  
on the discussion as standard images without  
need for any plug-ins for the discussion board users.  

The solution could be for example some Java  
applet or some Javascrip DHTML hack.  
The drawing program style could be avector  
drawing tool (for example SVG based) or  
bitmap image editing program.  
The drawing coudl be stored in vector or  
bitmap format to server... but the end  
result should be that the drawing are  
viewagle as normal graphics pictures  
on the phpBB discussion (gif, jpeg or png).
There is no need for full selection of colors,  
drawing with fidex 16 olors woudl be well OK.  
The program shoudl support a library of  
ready made graphics symbols that can be used  
as part of drawing (like Dia graphics libraries).  
The symbols would include electronics / electrical  
symbols etc.. (can be built in or if symbols can be  
easily put to system that is OK as well).  

I have looked a little bit, but I have not found  
anythin that would fuufill all my needs nicely.

Solution would be preferably free open source  
(some inexpensive commercial solution would also be considered).  

I am ready to do some server side coding to make the  
system work if anyone knows parts that could make  
such system.

One idea that comes to my mind is to have just  
a simple bitmap editor program. The user gets  
when he/she starts a graphics image that contains  
the needed symbol plus marked are where to write the image.  
When user saves the drawing, the server gets the full edited  
image with everything, and cuts the part inside drawign area  
that is then saved as the drawn picture (the symbol library  
etc... parts are cut out on final result).  

Any ideas are wellcome.  

Tomi Engdahl (http://www.iki.fi/then /)
Take a look at my electronics web links and documents at  

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