Office 2004, where 1 + 3 = 40

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I couldn't understand why our Christmas letter, containing two photos  
and some text, should be 1.3Mbytes in size. I thought perhaps one of the  
pix had not been reduced in size before embedding in the Word doc. I  
decided to reproduce the letter (I also though that perhaps the letter,  
which my wife has edited stuff into and out of for the last ten years,  
was suffering from a bit of garbage non-collection a la Page maker), and  
did this:

1) Made a new blank doc, and copy/pasted just the text from the existing  
doc. Saved. So far so good, its only 32k.

2) Trimmed the picture and saved at lower res - good, that's only 88k.

3) Did insert picture into the so-far text-only doc and saved. Agggh,  
suddenly its 1.3Mbytes.

Another problem I had - I inserted an item of clip-art, and managed to  
send it behind the text. Thereafter, I was unable to select the clipart  
item at all. Any attempt to click or right-click it brought up the  
insert-picture dialogue. In the end, I decided to see what happened if I  
did the insert picture. The clip-art vanished and whatever picture I  
chose took its place.

Any comments on either of these effects would be appreciated.

-- tim

Re: Office 2004, where 1 + 3 = 40

[Whinge about Office 2004 deleted]

Sorry, ignore that. Posted to the wrong NG.

-- tim

Re: Office 2004, where 1 + 3 = 40

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The reason Word bloats the file is because it converts the image to a  
different format, I'm guessing something like bmp, I wouldn't be surprised  
if it also scaled it up. It has nothing to do with the size of the original  
picture. What can I say, it's a piece of crap...

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Indeed you did, but these things happen. :)

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