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Perhaps this is off topic, perhaps not.

I'm using Moodle to make an online course teaching elementary
Web Development with PHP.  To make a course like this, students
have to be introduced to HTML and CSS as well as PHP.

Moodle uses phpBB under the hood for its forum discussion functions.
But phpBB edits incoming forum posts (html tags become entities, which
is largely OK)...but phpBB strips out andy and all   tags,
so it is impossible to display indented code examples in forum posts.

Moodle developers are aware of this problem. Dozens of developer
discussions going back years discuss this irony:  educational software
written in PHP cannot be used (used well anyway) to teach PHP.
And yet no moodle solution is forthcoming.

So what forum software out there exists (preferably php based,
but not necessarily) that has a configurable entity conversion list
of some sort. So displayed text inside forum posts can be formatted
with   tags....or floated divs with margins, what ever.

I'd rather have PHP, but perl or even Java servlets would be fine.
I spent several hours searching forum comparison sites. Many issues
are discussed, but not this particular issue.

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