(Off topic) Cyberwar question

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Kimmo Laine wrote:
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Unless next_page.php generates PHP, the script with this include will
only get HTML.

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    if (isset($_GET['foo'])) {
      echo '<?php echo $_GET[\'foo\']; ?>';
    } else {
      echo '<?php echo \'Not available\'; ?>';

File not found: (R)esume, (R)etry, (R)erun, (R)eturn, (R)eboot

Re: (Off topic) Cyberwar question


5. I will prepare all evidence and I will ask a Dutch
"Telecommunication watch dog" (called OPTA in short) to study my case.

(Posting from secondary google account)

(By the way, google is violating my privacy by using my hotmail e-mail
address as a login name. I need to type in the google password by I
constantly type in the hotmail password by mistake !!!)

(Hotmail should sue Google for using/requiring Hotmail's e-mail address
as a sign-in name ! ;))


Re: (Off topic) Cyberwar question

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You're right something should be done about these rogue ISPs. AOL in
the UK is particularly evil. They make you sign an unbreakable 12 month
contract. Dont support Macs (but dont tell you this in advance). They
don't let you connect through 3rd party software or your OS but only
through AOL's software, so most people end up using their slow crappy
browser. Their customer service is s**t and expensive. Its a call
centre in India but its only open 9-5 UK time?!

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