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I tried to make an ODBC connection through PHP Page but every time the
error is genereted. The data from the page is stored in My sql database
but i couldn't get that using DSN connection in my .mdb file. I am
using this string to get the database in my .mdb file. If there is any
error i want that to be corrected.


    $cn=odbc_connect("adim","","")or die("Counld not connect to server");
    $sql="insert into test(email) values('$email')";
    $rs=odbc_exec($cn,$sql) or die("Could not execute the s query");
        print("Record Added Sucessfully");
        print("Error on Page");

Re: ODBC Connection

adimsubedi@gmail.com wrote:
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I'm not sure what you're saying?  Which error do you get?

Did you try calling odbc_errmsg() after getting the error to find out  
what it doesn't like about it/

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