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Hi. I have a query that runs in about 2 Seconds in oracle and
retrieves 4000 rows. However, when I time the ocifetchstatement in
PHP, it is taking about 15 seconds to execute.  The web server and the
database are on the same network, so latency is not an issue.

Are there any known performance issues with Oracle and PHP?  Is there
another API that I can use that might be faster?



Re: ocifetchstatement performance

On 3 Dec 2004 10:22:02 -0800, pwalessi1@hotmail.com (Pat Alessi) wrote:

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 How did you determine that the query took 2 seconds - what client did you use,
and did you wait until all the rows were fetched?

 Where's the time spent in the 15 seconds from PHP - what's the split between
the OCIParse, OCIExecute and OCIFetchStatement calls?

 Are the statements the same in both cases?
 Then there's the options of checking execution plans and turning on tracing.

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 OCI's the fastest API to use if you're connecting to Oracle.

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