OCI.DLL and libcs.dll?

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I'm trying to install PEAR onto a Windows system that is running the
version of PHP that is installed from Microsoft's Web Platform
Installer (the Web Platform Installer also configured IIS while it was
at it).  PHP is installed and running fine.

Now tha I'm trying to install PEAR, I'm getting error messages
complaining that OCI.DLL and LIBCS.DLL can't be found, so the
installation of PEAR is ending abnormally.

Googling these DLL's indicates that one is a Sybase extension, and the
other one is an Oracle exteension.  Is this correct?

How do I get around this, or do I?

Re: OCI.DLL and libcs.dll?

Charles, 2011-09-30 03:57:

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I guess you have these extensions *active* in your PHP.INI and therefore
those extensions - and not PEAR - complaint about missing DLLs, since
the Oracle extensions need OCI.DLL (Oracle client library) to work and
the Sybase extenion need LIBCS.DLL (Sybase client library). PHP does not
implement it's own Oracle or Sybase clients - the extension only access
the existing database clients.

Just disable these extensions in your PHP.INI and restart the IIS.

Arno Welzel

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