[Nutcracker] Help/tips on how to solve a cusomer/order issue

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We are working on a webshop issue and are facing the following problem.
Chances are that this has been solved before and thus we don't need to
reinvent the wheel.

Our website is supposed to work as a common site for several other
websites. Members have the opportunity to place orders on our site
although we don't actually sell anything ourselves. They are then taken
to the vendors site, to their "Buy Product" page to place the order.
These pages vary from vendor to vendor.

The problem is that now that the vendor has been passed all information
from our site (customer name, product etc) and the cusomer places the
order (or chooses to cancel), how can we track wether the order was
actually placed or not? Since we will earn money from all sales we're
able to generate, we need to be able to track this somehow. Keep in
mind that our site and the vendor site are completely different sites.


- Peder -

Re: [Nutcracker] Help/tips on how to solve a cusomer/order issue

pyda001@ec.auckland.ac.nz wrote:
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In my expereince, this cant be done, the page is made as a responce and  
has a form that gets filled. This form is built in HTML roughly, and  
then gets POST'd to the web application for processing. So as soon as  
the connections are finished, you cant watch your users any further.

What you could do is have the varibles from the form transfered to a  
application on your side, process it, and use a socket to send the  
varibles further to your vendors site! You'll just have to read up on  
the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, since the POST is actaully a request!

As soon as a responce is made, you can just look at the data to find out  
wether the process was accepted!

Otherwise, dont even make the form, and just havea link to your vendor  
site! And have your vedor record all the referrals.

Re: [Nutcracker] Help/tips on how to solve a cusomer/order issue

 pyda001@ec.auckland.ac.nz wrote:

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You can't.

What you might be able to do is have your program open a connection to  
the vendor's site and suck in all that HTML from their site, format the  
ACTION to your site (if need be), and then display it on your site.

Then the page will be posted to your machine and from there you can  
construct a post to the vendor's machine.

I am not sure how the accounting will work out because your company has  
basically just made the order!

The more complicated (and viable) option is to have the vendor make an  
API of web services your site can interact with to place orders, make  
accounts, check orders, etc.

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Re: Help/tips on how to solve a cusomer/order issue

Perhaps it would be possible to use some kind of encryption? Let the
server on the other site have a small binary program running that
encrypts data as a checksum and our server has the unlocking key? Any
ideas on that approach?


- Peder -

pyda001@ec.auckland.ac.nz skrev:
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