nuSOAP/SOAP extension complex type problems

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Good morning,

I'm currently having a problem getting both/either nuSOAP and the PHP
SOAP extension to correctly generate a complex type (specifically a
complexcontent extension).  The WSDL for the service is located here:

I have done quite a bit of research on the matter and it appears I'm
not the only PHP developer that has had this problem, but I have found
no resolutions to it.  My sample code below is rewritten from my
actual OO implementation, which really only provide an abstraction to
the service request, but I know my SOAP request engine works, because
it is building requests for other services that have complex types,
but no complexcontent structs.

The problem I'm having is where the toolkit needs to generate:
<xs:complexContent mixed="false">
   <xs:extension xmlns:q1=" /
      <xs:attribute name="summaryOnly" type="xs:boolean"
use="required" />

nuSOAP, I am attempting this like:
$availabilityAttributes = array (    'summaryOnly'    => 'true'
$availabilityElements = array (    'AvailRequestSegment'    =>
$availabilityStruct = new soapval('AvailRequestSegmentList', FALSE,
$availabilityElements, FALSE, FALSE, $availabilityAttributes);

PHP SOAP extension, like this (i'll leave out the boring class
definitions, they are just shells right now):
$req = new AvailRequestSegment();
$reqStruct = new SoapVar($req, SOAP_ENC_OBJECT,
$availRequest = new SoapParam($reqStruct, 'AvailRequestSegment');

$list = new AvailRequestSegmentList();
$listStruct = new SoapVar($list, SOAP_ENC_OBJECT,
$availabilityRequest = new SoapParam($listStruct,
$result = $client->__soapCall("Availability",
array($availabilityRequest), null, $soapHeader);

Thank you very much for your help.


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