nuSOAP + attributes?

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I've never used SOAP before, so am more than a little foggy on it. Just
doing a project where it's basically the only way, and due to
limitations on the server, I have to use nuSOAP (unless there's a
better option that runs as a class...). Anyway, I've got it talking to
the server happily.. Just not passing attributes. This is what I need,
in straight SOAP XML stuff...

<platformCore:role internalId="3"/>

And as far as I can see nuSOAP is called by


or similar. This is working. The bit I'm having trouble with is setting
the internalId attribute on the role.

    'account'=> '111111',
    'role'=> array('name'=>'role', 'value'=>'') //need to add the
internalId attribute
    //'role internalID="14"' => '' // outputs XML like

Something like that. I've tried so many things, and get various errors
back.. basically no dice though. It's talking, but rejecting me if I
don't have an internalID or something else isnt right in the SOAP XML.

For reference the second option above (commented out one) outputs
something like this in XML (I assume...)

<platformCore:role internalId="14"></platformCore:role internalId="14">

And it falls over at the whitespace in the closing tag. The first
option just achieves nothing ;).

Any suggestions?


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