NuSOAP Arrays

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I'm having a bit of trouble with NuSOAP. I'm calling a web method that
looks like this (excuse the strange sytax)

public testItem GetTestItem (int aNumber, testObjects[])

So, I need to create NuSOAP call like this.

$arguments = array("aNumber" => 10,"testObjects" => $testObjects);
$data = $this->callAPI('GetTestItem', $arguments);

BUT... nusoap creates the soap request like

.... test object contents
... test object contents

which is incorrect.

How do I get it do properly define


I hope that makes sense.



Re: NuSOAP Arrays

Just to further that a bit. I have implimented the testObjects in my
code, but since NuSOAP doesn't work if you pass it an object, I've
written a ToArray() method on all my objects (kluge alert!). I can't
get NuSOAP to correctly 'XMLise' the array of objects (arrays).

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