Not to start a flame war, but...

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I know this is a bit off-topic, but this group is likely to know what I'm
looking for.  I'd be interested in hearing from you about your favorite
hosting companies.  I have a new requirement coming on-stream soon for a
LAMP system.  In this particular case, it must be based in USA.  Security of
the data is the most essential requirement, with the ability to support
growth from shared to dedicated hosting.

In the past, I have used Pair, Baremetal, LinuxWebHost and Earthlink.  I
would recommend all except Earthlink, which I found a little hard to use
since the client's hosting plan did not include any DB support (d'OH!).
Pair has excellent technical support, however their file structure permits
one user to see other user's directories - it's never been a problem for me,
but it irks me to think that an errant CHMOD could leave me exposed.
Baremetal is enormously dependable, based in western Canada (in five years
the only outage was caused by a cut phone cable that blacked out Vancouver).
LinuxWebHost is in Baltimore - clunky tech support, but solid servers.

I see Rackspace advertised a lot on phpClasses - any experience with them?

Thanks for your comments,

Re: Not to start a flame war, but...

I am using 1&1's service ( and I like this hosting
company a lot. I am using only the shared services.  They provide
dedicated hosting.  I think it'll meet your needs.


Re: Not to start a flame war, but...

Even though I'm based in the UK I use / as my web
hosting service (after my UK service went belly-up without any notice). You
can have either shared or dedicated servers.

The features are:
(1) Up-to-date versions of PHP and MySQL (although they have not moved to
PHP 5 just yet).
(2) Unlimited MySQL databases.
(3) Zend accelerator.
(4) Ability to modify settings via .htaccess files.
(5) 3GB storage space.
(6) 150GB data transfer per month.
(7) Oodles of other stuff.

Check it out.

Tony Marston

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Re: Not to start a flame war, but...

Thanks, Tony - it looks like a pretty good deal from just reading their
site. ~Ray

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