Noob php error question

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Hey folks.  

 I am trying to get a soap wsdl service working and have a bit of a
noob php programming question for it.  I'm using PHP 5.x btw.

I have written a soap server that contains a single method in the

  SayHelloWorld( $name ) {  return "Hello " .$name; };

If I call the server directly from a soap client,  it works fine, and
if I pass in bob as the parameter, I get Hello Bob back as the

The code for that uses the $client= new SoapClient(  location of
server ); technique.

Next, I wrote another client that uses a wsdl file that I created
(I've validated this using wsdl.exe and checked it for

I create a new SOAP_WSDL object and calll generateProxy on it, then I
call the method using the getProxy() technique as in:

    $test = $wsdl->getProxy();
    $testResult = $test->SayHelloWorld( "bob" );
 and this also works fine giving me  Hello bob  back as the return
param (so I am assuming my wsdl is correct).

Now the third client is where I am getting the problem.  I am trying
to use the __soapCall method.  However, when I call it, the return
param is:

    Hello Object #4

The hello part is coming from the method call (as I have changed it in
the server to check just in case it was cached or something.  But no
matter how hard I try I can't get the parameters to work - hence the
Object #4 bit.  It should be 'bob'.

My code is as follows:

$client = new SoapClient( "http://a url here/wsdlfile.wsdl");
$client -> SayHelloWorld( "bob" )

Since the wsdl seems to work using the wsdl proxy method above, I
figure I am doing something noobish like incorrectly setting up the
params or reading them back again ?

Any ideas ?


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