noob...content via fread keeps reverting

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This is my first day tinkering with php. I lifted a bunch of examples
from the manuals and put this together:

It's extremely simple and just uses fread and fwrite's form elements
into 2 small text files. Feel free to "update" the values. My question
is, why is it, everytime I go back to the page, it shows the very first
values I had in there. I repeatedly change them, refresh, delete
browser cache files, close and reopen browser, and still, when I first
get there, it shows the very first values I had in there. If I refresh,
then it shows what it should be. The text files are indeed being
written to properly. So it really seems like more of a browser issue,
but maybe something can be done to prevent it, without telling my
visitors to refresh everytime they hit the page? TIA

Re: noob...content via fread keeps reverting

Something else just struck me. If, when I go there, the content is old,
and I hit refresh and get the newer, proper content, why wouldnt that
new version stick to my browser's cache then?

I can change the value from X to Y. leav adn come back and it still
says X. I refresh and it changes to Y. I click edit, I get X content
again. I refresh again and get Y. I dont change anything and just hit
save. I get taken back to the front page and its X content again!

What is going on here? I don't know the inner workings of browser
caching, but if a page says X at 1:00 and says Y at 1:30, shouldnt the
browser consider Y to be the newest content and cache that?

Re: noob...content via fread keeps reverting

Well ok, nevermind. my friends say it works ok for them. must be the
crappy IE config over here

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