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Dear All,

Ever had a big problem with webpage displaid ?

We are runing Apache version is Apache/2.0.50 (Fedora) for pc-linux-
gnu on i686
mysqladmin  Ver 8.23 Distrib 3.23.58,

And webpages do not display correctly (very long time).
The shitty stuff is there :

Trying to understand why : we had a carrefull review of all these
logs :

mysqld.log    UNDER  /var/log
boot.log    UNDER  /var/log
access_log    UNDER  /var/log/httpd
error_log    UNDER  /var/log/httpd
ssl_error_log    UNDER  /var/log/httpd
slow-query.log    UNDER  /var/log/mysqld

access_log    UNDER /home/virtual/site$/fst/var/log/httpd/
error_log    UNDER /home/virtual/site$/fst/var/log/httpd/

Top SSH command leads to

CPU states:  cpu    user    nice  system    irq  softirq  iowait
           total   23.1%    0.0%    6.6%   0.0%     0.0%    0.0%

Mem:  1000316k av,  848400k used,  151916k free,       0k shrd,
38040k buff


Website only has very little files. No SQL.
Only php files and images.

We do not know why the website is down. So problematic for the users.

And we have no support.

Many thanks for your help or advise.

Re: No access : Fedora Linux Page Displaid

Pseudonyme wrote:
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