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I've a search engine on my e-commerce website that returns 10 articles per
page. Actually, the customer may make a search, click on any article result
then come back to the list and click on an other article.

I'd like to provide a "next article" and "previous article" button: this
will let the customer browse all articles without the need to come back
everytime for clicking on the article list. Since I use MySQL, how may I
know which is the next available item depending on the query result ? With
my knowledge, I'm thinking to put all query results (article ID) in an
array, and pass it as parameter, but this isn't probably the best way.


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Bob Bedford wrote:
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articles per
may I

If this is normal page, you could use mysql_data_seek(). But, in
your case, it won't suit.

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IMHO, your such caching mechanism seems to be the better way.
Probably putting the result array of article IDs in one $result_arr and
serializing+base64_encoding it, and the passing via hidden field may
help. May also cache the result array in session, but that would be
sometimes a mess.

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