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We are looking for a Newsletter Program that is tested and is knowing to
work with PHP/MySQL.  We will be having allot of people use this
newsletter so it should be able to handle sending lots of emails.  Also
we would need to be able to send the newsletters in HTML format.

Free or paid programs are not an issue, just as long as the program works.

Jeremy Ross

Re: Newsletter Program


On 11/08/2004 06:34 PM, Jeremy Ross wrote:
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You may want to try this class that can compose and send bulk HTML
messages properly. It comes with options to optimize its behavior to
send messages to many recipients.

As for integrating with MySQL, I suggest that you just make the queries
whevever you are sending the messages and just set the To: header to
each of them in a loop. Since it may take long, I suggest that you do
that from a PHP running off the Web server, from a cron task in
Linux/Unix or task scheduler under Windows.


Manuel Lemos

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Re: Newsletter Program

Jeremy Ross wrote:
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SendStudio - /

Users can subsribe and unsubscribe from the list, e-mail is formatted
with unsubscribe details, it can generate HTML forms for them to
unsubscribe. It can also track users clicks to your links, so you know
which of your subsribers clicked on your links etc.

Sends e-mail in both HTML or TEXT, you are able to have the newsletter
formatted in both depending on your users PREFERENCE.

The list will also auto-delete inactive e-mail accounts and so forth.

Check / for feature details.

Yours Sincerely,
SamuŽl ML Lison

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Re: Newsletter Program

PG Newsletter Software will also suit your needs.

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