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I'm having a problem getting rid of newlines.

say I have this situation:

$cat = "A nice\n cat";

The "\n" is an escape character which creates a newline right there.

Now, how would I get rid of the newline in that string?

How would I then make that string: "A nice cat"  ? without the newline
being there?

Also, another question.

If I have a string, let's say: "The man\nwent to the\tdairy\ryesterday"
Does anybody know of a function or of a way to display or find out the
escaped characters in the string? Something that would point out which
escaped characters were in the string?

The reason that I am asking is because I put a form on a web page and I
want to find out what escaped characters are in the resulting $_POST
variable for one of the fields, for a javascript reason.

Any help is much appreciated.


Re: Newline problem "\n"

mudge wrote:

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$cat = str_replace("\n", "", $cat);
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How about strpos($cat, "\n");

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Re: Newline problem "\n"

I can't beleive it. I figured it out.

You see,   when you fill in a field in a form and it gets past off to a
$_POST in a php script,  both "/n" and "/r" get attatched to each line

The reason I couldn't get rid of the line breaks, was because I was
only replacing "/n" when I also needed to replace "/r" as well.


Re: Newline problem "\n"

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Be careful.  this may depend on what OS platform your client is on.
All three of Linux, Mac, Windows use differing line termination.

If memory serves; \n, \r\n, \n\r (respectively)

If in the HTTP protocol spec it's required for any client to send \r\n
for EOL, then you may disregard my advice.


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