newbie: xslt_create error

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I have started learning PHP5. I am writing a program in which I need to do  
XSL Transform.
It looks like in a line:

$xh = xslt_create();

I have an error because when I comment it I can see output, but I uncomment  
I see no output.
(I failed to run debugging).
Please help - what's wrong in this line?

Re: newbie: xslt_create error

R.A.M. wrote:
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It would be very very very helpful for us all if you would also post the  
error message you got.

Sadly my crystal ball is currently on repair but probable if you get a  
error message like:

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function xslt_create() in file on line  

This means that the function you tried to use it not available in your  
installation op php. The function you try to use is not anymore a a part  
of php but stil available in the PECL repository.

For more information please check out the php manual:


Re: newbie: xslt_create error

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It is my first program in PHP. I tried to print error this way:

$xh = xslt_create(); echo xslt_error($xh);

but it didn't print anything because echo was not reached. What can I do?

Re: newbie: xslt_create error


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Set error_reporting to E_ALL and display_errors to On in your php.ini (for  
a development machine offcourse, production servers should not display  
errors and log them instead).
Rik Wasmus

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