Newbie with more php questions

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  I used a template, and thanks to Phil, I did the first bare-bones site:

  Well, I'm confused, due to the fact that I see no html, head, or body
opening or closing tags in any of the html pages of the original template.
I also found no css style sheet definition in the head.   Is this the law,
that the only css is tied to the php sheet?  CSS is client-side, so it's
last? I'm not sure if I understand what I'm asking.  It's just that I can't
seem to keep the individual pages clear of css styling, cant seem to get it
all on the index.php file.

  I re-did the site, all divs, no tables, all html files are full html files
with css styling, and, well, it's got the same ole usual css conflicts with
the div boxes and positioning, and the line height is problematic in the
head section.  Well, I'd appreciate some direction.  I was just toying with
it.  It's getting there. Still does not validate with w3c, does't like
dreamweavers doc type statement in the php.?????

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Re: Newbie with more php questions

Hats wrote:

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I don't know what your source looks like, but I did a show source of
the resultant HTML and it would NEVER validate.

I counted at least 5 DOCTYPE lines, the first one being about 20 lines
into the file, after some google ads. Just as many <html></html>

I don't know if it is a factor of the free hosting or something you're


Re: Newbie with more php questions

contained the following:

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Well what's the php question?

TBH there are so many errors I really think you need to go back to
'Hello World".  You need to study the structure of the document and know
exactly what Dreamweaver is doing.  It's not doing you any favours at
the moment.

Step 1.  Create content (sample content is ok)
Step 2.  Add HTML markup (just the basic)
Step 3.  Add CSS styling
Step 4.  Use PHP to make content dynamic

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Re: Newbie with more php questions

My advice is to stop trying to be cool and using all that div bullshit.
Tables work a lot better, their more compatable and more organized. I'm
not saying to go back 10 years and use spacer gifs, etc, but if you
couple tables with new CSS it works like a dream. Divs are retarded.

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Re: Newbie with more php questions

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Fine if you don't care about accessibility.

WCAG 1.0 guideline 5:

 Tables should be used to mark up truly tabular information ("data
 tables"). Content developers should avoid using them to lay out pages
 ("layout tables"). Tables for any use also present special problems
 to users of screen readers (refer to checkpoint 10.3).

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