newbie: unexpected caching?

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I am begginer in PHP programing. I use PHP5 in Linux with Apache. I
programmed my first website in PHP. It was working fine. Lately I noticed a
problem I don't understand:
On page Paper.php I have a form with action="AddEdition.php". Sometimes (I
don't know the rule) instead of result of AddEdition.php I see in browser
empty page or result of prevoius version of AddEdition.php code. I also
prepared a test: I changed contents of AddEdition.php to "Hello, world!"
and submitted form - again empty page or result of previous AddEdition.php
instead of "Hello, world!"
I don't know what is going on? I cleared cache in browser (I use Mozilla
Firefox), but the strange effect still occurs.
Could you help me please?

Re: newbie: unexpected caching?

R.A.M. wrote:
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Are you using a proxy server? or frames?

Re: newbie: unexpected caching?

The Natural Philosopher wrote:
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No, I don't. I am testing my website on localhost (Fedora 8 Linux + Apache +

Quoted text here. Click to load it
No, I don't. I use HTML Strict.

One more thing: empty page or previous result is displayed every time; in
fact, expected contents is NEVER displayed.

Re: newbie: unexpected caching?

I would like to add something:
The problem occurs only on page AddEdition.php. Other pages of my website
work fine. Linux priviledges of AddEdition.php are: rwxrwxrwx. Some time
ago there was no problem with AddEdition.php (I could see correct result of
the code). I slightly modified the code of AddEdition.php (a call to
mail(...) function), and I have the problem from this time.

Re: newbie: unexpected caching?

The problem is not occuring anymore.
Thanks for help.

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